7th Grade Course Descriptions


Language Arts 7

This course is designed to foster improvement in reading comprehension, literature appreciation, and writing skills. Students will learn strategies to help them better understand many different genres and text formats. Using the Accelerated Reader Program, students will independently apply comprehension and self-monitoring skills taught during class.  In an effort to celebrate students’ reading progress and increase students’ listening and speaking skills, students will frequently have extension projects including PowerPoint/Smart Board presentations, poster projects, group discussions, and plays. Students will develop writing skills as they learn how to navigate through the writing process.  At the beginning of the year, students will learn strategies to write a memorable memoir and respond to literature.  As the year progresses, students will focus on nonfiction writing.  This will include writing position pieces, essays, and non-fiction writing.  Ultimately, seventh graders will develop an appreciation for English Language Arts.

Advanced ELA (English Language Arts) 7

This class is a rigorous course designed for students who are able to read and analyze at an accelerated rate and apply deeper understanding.  The curriculum will follow the Michigan K-12 Standards for English Language Arts.  Students will read more complex narrative and informational texts and analyze its structure, elements, style, and meaning.  Students will write more complex narrative and expository pieces.  Students in this class will already have a foundational knowledge of the writing process, so more time will be spent on developing longer, more analytical essays.  Students will also continue to develop listening and speaking skills in group discussions and oral presentations.


In 7th grade, we focus on four critical areas of study:

  1. developing an understanding of and applying proportional relationships;
  2. developing  understanding of operations with rational numbers  and working with expressions and linear equations;
  3. solving problems involving scale drawings and informal geometric constructions, including working with two and three-dimensional shapes to solve problems including area, surface area, and volume; and
  4. drawing inferences about populations based on samples. 

Ratios and Proportional Relationships – In this unit we build upon our understanding of ratios to solve real world problems, like solving for percent discount, calculating taxes, tips, and interest payments.  We will use proportional reasoning to understand and create scale drawings by comparing similar objects. 

Number System – Students will build on their understanding of numbers and operations by extending their knowledge of basic math operations to all rational numbers.  We will study negative numbers in the context of real-world situations, and understand how to compute using both negative and positive numbers. 

Expressions and Equations – Students will be introduced to algebraic concepts as they formulate expressions and equations in one variable and use these equations to solve real-world problems. 

Geometry – Students will extend what they learned about geometric measurement from 6th grade to study area and surface area of 3-dimensional objects.  Students will solve real-world and mathematical problems involving area, surface area, and volume of two- and three-dimensional objects composed of triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, cubes and right prisms.  

Statistics and Probability – Students will begin to explore how scientists use random samplings from a population to make inferences, or generalizations, about the population.  Students will generate data sets from random samples, and begin to understand how to collect data that represents the population and why it is important to do so.

Accelerated Math 7

This course is a rigorous course designed for students who are able to learn at an accelerated pace.  This course will provide the path for students to receive credit for high school Algebra in 8th grade.  Students will study three years of mathematics in two years.  This is the second year in this sequence of classes.  This course will cover all of the second portions of the 7th grade Michigan Math Standard and all of the 8th grade Michigan Math Standards.

Social Studies 7  

The 7th grade Social Studies curriculum covers modern times of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.  Students study, in detail, the essential elements of geography.  Students also study the various governments, cultures, and religions throughout the world.  Students will be engaged in creating projects, having classroom discussions to help them grasp these concepts.

Science 7

In this laboratory-centered course, students conduct investigations to answer specific questions about the world.  The common themes of science and technology are applied in real-world contexts. The course provides instruction in elements and compounds, changes in state, chemical changes, cells, heredity, waves, solar energy, weather, and climate.






This course will allow students to develop an understanding of the structures and functions of the body. Students will explore the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems and related diseases and impacts on everyday life through hands-on lab investigations, projects, dissections, and diagrams.  An application is required; see Mrs. Greenway or the main office for an application.


Students who participate in Art will use an expanded vocabulary of art-related terms and a variety of media in the creation of their projects.  They will perform and control increasingly complex techniques, analyze and make judgments about works of art, and learn artistic modes of problem solving when creating in each art form.  A wide variety of media will be used, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, and computer graphics.  No previous experience is required.  Please note that if you take two semesters of art, projects will be different.  Also, if a student chooses to take art every year the class will promote and foster individual growth.


Students with previous musical experience may elect Seventh Grade Band. If your student would like to participate in Band but does not have prior musical experience or an instrument, please contact Mrs. Garvey to get started. Students will learn a wide range of musical styles including classical, folk, pop, jazz, and world music. All band students will track their own individual musical growth by earning belts in Band Karate. Students have additional performance opportunities in Seventh Grade Band such as Jazz Band, Solo and Ensemble, Pep Rallies, Honors Band, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and Band Festival. The Seventh Grade Band performs four to five concerts per year, which are required for all members. Parents are expected to arrange schedules to accommodate these concerts. Contact garveye@lamphereschools.org for more information.

Choir/Vocal Music

Students will sing in 2 and 3 part harmony, sight read, and learn music in a variety of styles.  Choir students perform in concerts and MSVMA events such as Choral Festival and Solo and Ensemble to improve skills in choral singing (and solo singing if so desired).  NOTE:  All choir students are required to participate in public concerts.

Computer Science

In the Computer Science course, students will first learn about JavaScript programming language. If the student completes all six levels of computer science they can challenge themselves by learning Python through game development or HTML by developing a website.  Students will be able to work at their own pace.  If they complete computer science courses then they can choose to work on game development or web development. The programming languages taught through this program are JavaScript, Python, and HTML.

Current Events  

Students will develop an understanding of the complex social and political issues in today’s world. As the political, economic, geographic, historical, and social importance of current issues is studied, students will become more aware of the importance of being informed citizens. This course will focus on research, discussion, reading, writing, critical thinking, as well as map, chart, and graph reading. Students will be expected to think, evaluate, and draw their own conclusions on a variety of topics.

In addition, students will gain more familiarity with the academic and professional technological skills of word processing, data processing through spreadsheets, and preparing visual presentations as well as other useful technological skills.


In this performance-based course, students will be introduced to the art of physical and vocal expression through acting, improvisation, and scene study.  Students will participate in theater games, movement, role-play, and puppetry.  All exercises and games will develop ensemble and individual performance skills.  In addition, this course will conclude with a public performance, involving the students in all aspects of the production.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sports, and physical fitness activities.  The students receive instruction in rules, skills, and strategies associated with the different sports as well as learning experiences involving physical conditioning activities.  The students will also have opportunities to become involved in life-long physical activities through individual sports units.  The John Page Physical Education program promotes the spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play, and friendly competition.


Students will produce PAGE BY PAGE, our school yearbook.  Class members gather school news, learn how to write articles, take photographs, & are trained to use the publishing software to lay out all pages of the yearbook.  Students taking this class will be expected to attend/cover some after school events. An application is required; see Mrs. Alimario or the main office for an application.

Spanish I 

(This is a high school level course and successful completion will result in high school credit.)

This is an advanced high school level course designed to develop skills in speaking, reading, & writing in the Spanish language.  In addition to textbook studies, students will also enjoy many cultural activities.  These include doing skits, playing games, and learning about the customs of Spanish–speaking people.  The successful completion of Spanish I (C or higher recommended) will enable students to register for Spanish II in eighth grade.

Studio Art

Studio Art is an in-depth study of various techniques and art history. This class allows students the opportunity for an independent study.  Students will further their creative thinking process, as well as provide them with a studio atmosphere, allowing for personal growth.  This class requires previous art experience and Mrs. Gower's signature.

Technology Education

In Technology Education students will experience a wide range of activities based on STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics) Education. Students will be engaged in their learning utilizing a combination of Tech Shop and the Tech Lab. During their years at Page, students can rotate through various stations in the Tech Shop; for example, rockets, automotive design, 3D software and printing, electronics, renewable energy, plastics, architecture, bridge building, and more. In the Tech Lab, students will learn about digital literacy and responsibility. They will also explore the use of Google docs as a word processor and spreadsheet tool. No previous experience is required.