Technology Club

Technology Club Advisor: Bob Gower

Page Middle School Tech Club has two parts. During the first semester the tech club focuses on robotics. Robotics teaches our students hot design, build, and program an autonomous robot. To create innovative solutions to a problem; currently the club is focusing on how to utilize robotics in recycling. We will begin to compete in the First Lego League competition in 2016.

During the second semester Tech Club changes its focus to the Page Panther Space Program. Working together, the students design a high altitude experimental platform. This platform is brought to the edges of space using a large latex weather balloon.  The club learns about atmospheric pressure and temperatures. They also learn how work together as a team to predict the flight path of the balloon, file a flight plan with the FAA, read aeronautical charts, and learn how to determine exact longitude and latitude of the launch. This club competes in the Global Space Balloon Challenge.

These clubs support John Page Middle Schools goals of all students pursuing a post- secondary education; coupled with team work and a sense of community within the school. Both clubs help solidify STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles that naturally come from participating in these programs.

Students can get involved by signing up with the teacher. Spots are usually limited to 15 students due to restrictions imposed by the competitions we enter.