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Greetings, and welcome to the John Page Middle School website!

My name is Brad Sassack, and I am proud to be the Principal of this school. Here at Page, the staff is keenly aware of the importance we play in the development of the students that walk our halls each day. It is a great responsibility and one that we do not take lightly!

You will find that our school’s culture is welcoming, positive, and student-centered. We are firm believers that relationships are the foundation of education because they are what lead to trust. Our staff seeks out opportunities for positive investments into these relationships. The ones that we develop with our students lay the framework for the deep learning that takes place in the classrooms. The ones that we form with families create bonds that allow us to strengthen the connection between the home and the school.

The educational experience at Page is built on delivering rich, engaging experiences to all students. We believe that real life application of the content being taught is of the utmost importance. The expectations in our classrooms are high, and students are supported to the degree necessary to reach their full potential.

Outside of academics, we encourage all students to make their school experience a relevant one. Extracurricular opportunities offered at Page include sports and clubs. Not only do these let students lean into their passions, but they also act as a springboard to socialize with peers around common interests.

If you are a family that has a child currently enrolled at John Page Middle School, I look forward to connecting with you. I truly value our Page Panthers and their family members!

If you are a prospective family, eyeing Page as a potential school option for your child, please reach out to me. I am happy to speak with you about our school. I can be reached by phone at 248-589-3428 or by email at brad.sassack@lamphereschools.org.

Your partner in education,

Brad Sassack

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Main Office

John Page Middle School
29615 Tawas
Madison Heights, MI  48071
Phone: (248) 589-3428
Fax: (248) 545-2870

Brad Sassack - Principal

Jen Creamer - Assistant Principal

Jillian Fisher - School Secretary
jillian.fisher@lamphereschools.orgCounseling Office

Amy Schelesky - Counselor

Melanie George - Counselor

Kim Parsons - Counseling Secretary